Thoughts on having to create an account

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I use the TeamViewer software to assist my elderly mother with tech support needs. As a free user, it's been consistently pretty stellar and straightforward to use for us both.

I was recently prompted by TV to create an account to continue to use the service for free. There are a few of concerns I encountered while going through the motions of account creation, that I hope the folks behind TV takes note of.

  1. At one point, a dialog appeared telling me that I will now be able to connect to my device (the host device, AKA my computer from which I initiate the connection) from anywhere using my new account. This is entirely _not_ what I use TV for, however -- I have zero intention connecting to this PC from anywhere. I use TV exclusively to connect to another computer to offer tech support. The fact that there now reportedly exists a possibility of being able to connect to my PC from somewhere else is concerning to me, and something I deem to be a security risk which ironically is something the account creation was intended to reinforce somehow.
  2. My mother's laptop now pops up in the online app after I log in, next to a Connect button. I understand the convenience this might somehow provide for others. To me, once again, it is a security risk. I don't need a way to do my thing through the web app, and I don't need my online account to have a quick "Connect" button to remote computers. Connecting through the desktop application worked perfectly, and I would appreciate being able to remove the web-app approach from my account.