Using teamviewer "15.46.7" - lock remote computer is missing from config



I want to disable the lock remote computer when i terminate the team view session.

but this options seems to be missing from the new version.

Help please



  • Ying_Q
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    Hi @dreisel,

    Thank you for visiting the TeamViewer Community and sharing the screenshots with us.

    The version in your screenshot is TeamViewer Host, which is used for accepting incoming remote connections. If you check out the screenshot I have shared below, the setting of Lock remote device is available in the TeamViewer Full client. You may uninstall the Host version, and then download and install the Full version to check out this setting. The full version is available for both incoming and outgoing connections.

    Sorry to trouble you by performing the Host uninstallation and installation on the Full version but I hope you are able to check the available setting.



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