Help with the problem of making 2 accounts on 2 computers

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I installed 2 computers full and free TeamViewer software. This is for private use in my home

and not commercial. I have 2 computers at home. One is a stationary computer and the other is a laptop.

On the first desktop computer I registered an account and entered my email address and entered

Identification number. And now the TeamViewer software is working and correct

And now I want another one to register a TeamViewer account for my laptop.

The question: on a laptop I see an ID number that is a different number. Can I

On a laptop register an account again and use the same in the first existing email

on the previous desktop computer. It is possible. Will it work for sure on my laptop?

Do you need to register in the TeamViewer software on a laptop or use another email?

In my email, does the first one exist on my desktop computer?

Don't let the TeamViewer software block happen to me.

Thanks in advance!



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    Hi @Drake3450,

    Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community.

    In general, a TeamViewer account is required only on a local device that initiates an outgoing connection.

    Please also know that it is not possible to create a different TeamViewer account with the email address that has been already used for a TeamViewer account.

    • If you prefer to create a different TeamViewer account, please use another email address that has not been used for a TeamViewer account.
    • If you would like to use your existing TeamViewer account on your laptop, please try signing in to the TeamViewer application by using your TeamViewer account credentials. It should work!

    Hope this answers your question.

    Kindly correct me if there is any misunderstanding. So that I may guide you better!



    P.S. For more information on the connection limits on personal use of the free version, please check here:⚠Commercial use suspected


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