Managed hosts not showing as online (even though they are).


I am partway through a roll-out of around 80 Windows 11 devices and have installed TeamViewer Host as I have been going along.

What I am noticing is that most of the deployed devices aren't showing as online in the management console, yet from the user's perspective TeamViewer is online. Some devices are used every day but say they have been offline for up to 20 days. The only way to connect is to get their ID and enter the password instead of just double-clicking the device.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



  • MetroEugene
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    Have you found any resolution this?

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    Hi @Paul3175, hi @MetroEugene,

    Welcome aboard the TeamViewer Community!

    I just asked our product team about this issue and they confirmed that we've been fixing many device status issues in the past updates. Could you please make sure to update your client to the latest version and check if the status behaves as expected?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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