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Hi, I use TeamViewer to log into my Grandson's computer (PC). He has severe ADHD and Autism and my Daughter sometimes cannot get him off the computer.

I have tried locking his PC and blanking the screen and disabling user input but he just cancels it and carries on playing his game!

I am using the free version of TeamViewer. If anyone can advise me on how I can lock his PC so he cannot 'unlock' it, I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance....



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    Hi @roffeyb ,

    Thanks for reaching out to our Community for help, it's a pleasure to have you here!

    We also appreciate the details you provided us about the steps you're taking to help your grandson. It's very kind of you! 😊

    TeamViewer is a software that reproduces the screen, mouse, and keyboard of the partner side; however, for security reasons, the partner device is capable of stopping the connection at any moment - this feature cannot be disabled.

    We understand your concerns, and we're sorry that our software won't be able to assist you further with this matter.

    Please let us know if we can clarify any further questions.

    Best, Carol

    Portuguese Community Moderator