Role Management - Permission to Move Device

We are slowly moving our devices to the new Device Groups. Newly added devices are being put into an "Unassigned Group" before they are moved into their final group.

I created a role for an employee and gave him permissions except for User Management. When he selects a device from the "Unassigned Group" and tries to move it to another Device Group, he is missing the button to select Device Groups.

What permission does he need to do that?


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    Hi @ToddBecker,

    We're happy to read your first post in our Community! 🙌

    Regarding the permission to move a device to another Device Group, the user can check the permissions granted to him for the specific device.

    He needs to log in to the Management Console ➜ Go to the Unassigned Group ➜ Select the specific device ➜ Properties (pencil icon) ➜ My Permissions tab.

    In the list, all the permissions in Device Management must be granted to the user to move the device, as shown in the below screenshot :

    If some permissions are not granted, the user can click on the settings icon (next to Device Permissions) and then tick the permissions ➜ Save :

    This process should enable him to move devices. If there are any issues, or maybe greyed areas, please come back to us with screenshots if possible 🙂

    Keep up posted!



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