3-10 sec delay when remoting in to particular computer.


Been using the same setup for years without issue - personal license. Two PCs in my home connected to one hub. I can remote into them both from anywhere. One works perfectly fine. The other one now has a 3-10 secs delay whenever i try to do anything on it, after it's connected (right from connection, till i give up). All on latest software. Removed and reinstalled on the problem machine - no difference. Rebooted all home network - no difference. The strange thing is that if I try to connect from my laptop in my home it works fine, whether over my wifi or just tethered over mobile. But when i go to my workplace with the same laptop and try to use the wifi or tethered phone there is the delay. Same with other laptops i try at work. Everything works fine to the other PC i have at home! Doesn't make any sense. Any ideas?