Mouse Click-to-Select Not Working



I am using 15.48.4 on our main, and we have several android hosts that are running 15.47.328 HM, with an installation add on that was required during the host installation, and we are experiencing an issue with these hosts, where the left click is acting as a right click, and unable to select any items on the remote host.

This is only happening with certain android devices running Host. Other android devices are still functioning fine. I have listed the details of the ones experiencing the same issue, below:

Device: Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen)

Model: TB300FU

Android Version: 13

Hardware Version: TB300FU

Teamviewer Host Version: 15.47.328 HM

Installation addon was required during install.

Also, I tried also using "Quick Support" on these devices, and the experience was the same.

Please advise. Thank you!



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    I have the same problem on an android Lenovo tablet M10!