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Hello, I have two questions about TeamViewer.

  1. TeamViewer has session publishers and participants. Do both require a license for commercial use?
  2. Do I need a license to use TeamViewer Host commercially?

please answer about my question.

thank you.



  • Ying_Q
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    Hello @seo03101,

    Welcome to the TeamViewer Community for getting help and starting a discussion!

    A TeamViewer license is needed for commercial uses, ONLY the expert side needs the TeamViewer license. You may find the available features on the licensing page for more information about the licensing options. For example on connecting to a TeamViewer Host, the expert who uses the TeamViewer client to initiate the remote session to the Host. The TeamViewer license should be activated and used on the expert side prior to the remote connections.

    I hope you find my explanation helpful! If there is any uncertainty that needs to be discussed, feel free to drop a message again.



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  • seo03101
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    Is TeamViewer Host ever used by professionals?

    Doesn't everyone using TeamViewer Host need a license?