Can't make connection with replacement/new PC without 'password displayed on your partner's computer

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Been using Teamviewer for a while, to access my home PC tower and my wife's PC from my laptop as I travel.

No probs.

In process of replacing home tower with new Win 11 PC. Installed Teamviewer on it. But only way I can connect from my laptop to new PC is if I'm there to read a password off the Teamviewer app.

Better, I followed instructions at to set up the new PC, turning OFF password, so none is displayed, but the app on my laptop still asks for "password displayed on partner's computer," which doesn't work, whether I leave it empty (no password displayed on new PC, as specified) or type in my account password.

Worse, I think the problem may be caused by a setting on my existing laptop, which works fine remotely accessing the original two PCs. Under Options>General>Account assignment, it won't give focus to the 'Assign to account' button, saying in bold "You can only assign this device to your account if you have administrative rights and Teamviewer is installed."

The laptop is on Win10Home, and I do have Admin rights. I can successfully assign the new machine (Win11Pro) to my account, but not my traveling laptop, which has never needed it before.

So what's the **bleep** problem? This makes Teamviewer useless for the new machine, so I'll have to keep the (really) old machine as my main until this is fixed.


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    I know I posted it, because when I looked for it, my 2am typing showed in the Question. So I edited it, and then posted it again.

    Rather than try again, first, tell me how to avoid posting/reposting. Are these being reviewed/approved before they are listed?

    Should I keep a coppy of what I post, so I can report...and repost...and repost? Trying to be technically accurate about a question takes time. And I hate having to type the whole thing again.

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    Well, it's been three weeks since I posted this.

    And 22 views of this post.

    And no suggestions at all.


    Merry Christmas

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    Hello @Kzoom

    Thanks for your post. I hope your holidays have been well!

    Please know that the TeamViewer Community is user-driven - this means that many answers and responses come from other users like you. While we cannot guarantee every post is replied to by a TeamViewer employee, we do have many on here providing assistance.

    Regarding your issue, please see the following article, which describes Unattended Access using TeamViewer Remote:

    Should you encounter any other issues in the process, please do not hesitate to let us know.

    I hope this helps!

    Josh P.

    Senior Community Moderator