"An error occurred while logging into your account. Please try again."

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My account is unable to login thru the teamviewer program. And when I login thru the website, I'm able to but there's an error message "An unspecified error occurred. mWXdamKkHdr-3-3-44-WsH"

Can anyone help.. Thank you.



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    Hello - just logged into the web portal and all my computers have disappeared.

    Logging in via the app also yields an issue with my account

    Screenshots attached - please help

  • RobSharp
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    Same issue here, started this morning for me

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    The same !

    TVMDF Posts: 2 ✭✭

    The same !

  • ecueil
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    "An error occured while logging into your account. Please try again."

    I keep getting the same message , TeamViewer not working

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    "An error occured while logging into your account. Please try again."

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    The same!!!

  • Ntalk
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    What happen...

    The same!!

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    Same for me this morning. Unable to sign into the Windows desktop app so cannot support my users. Any answers?

  • Lisajayne1
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    Same 8/1/24 9.38 am

  • Craig_Anders
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    Yeah same issue here for a few of our engineers, plus ones who can get on some of the sites are not accesible

  • Craig_Anders
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    See they have updated service status now to show these faults

  • jaumegomez
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    Same here

  • Acorn_IT
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    Service Status link: TeamViewer Status

    Login Issues

    Investigating - We are currently investigating an issue affecting the login services.

    Jan 08, 2024 - 10:32 CET

  • Same with me

  • James2489
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    Happened ti me this morning. Uninstalling and a fresh reinstall worked for me.

  • James2489
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    Uninstall (check the remove settings box) and reinstall.

  • James2489
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    Update: the same thing happens when I switch back to the old interface, so it is forcing me to use the new one which is useless.

  • Zif
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    Same with me!!

  • luwk
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    Same here... Other team members are working fine though...

  • Alex_C
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    Same as above. "An error occurred while logging into your account". Started around 0930 this morning.

  • ndzhalazova
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    Same here, same message, tried uninstall and install and restart several times, it does not work.

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    Same here :(( It's lost all my devices and I can't seem to work out how to reconnect

  • summerisle
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    Same thing here on 2 pc's - online and new interface work but old interface no longer can login

  • Drewshifu
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    Suddenly started getting this message on OLD interface across multiple devices. Can't login, restarting, reinstalling...nothing works. What is going on? Nothing changed that I'm aware of since this occured.

  • Zogra
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    since today i get this message when i try to connect "an error occurred while logging into your account" whats the problem? I cant open ticket also.

  • Drewshifu
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    Can't login to account anymore. Restarted, re-installed. Nothing fixing the problem. Using old interface but I don't see any explanation for why this should stop working.

  • Drewshifu
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    Also having the same issue.

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    hellp please help

    an error occured while logging intour account