Ubuntu 16.04 LTS login does not match

Here's my question: Is TV storing the login credentials in a file somewhere? What should the permissions on this file be in order to auto-login?

I have TeamViewer 12.0.76279 (the newest available Linux version on the "Downloads" page). It is configured to login at boot. While TV starts, it does not log in automatically. When I press "sign in" on the "Computers & Contacts" panel I get an error that the username and password do not match any accounts on record.

If I delete the pre-filled password and type it in again it logs in to my account. However, the computer is still listed as "offline". I have to un-assign and re-assign the computer to my account, which makes another entry into "Computers & Contacts", to have the computer listed as "online" and accessible from other devices.

I have tried purging and re-installing TV but the problem persists.


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    Dear vawalker,

    1. I think you're mixing up 3 unrelated things.
      The option "start with system" brings up the TeamViewer whenever you log in.
    2. Assigning your machine to your account is only helpful to remotely access the machine without password.
    3. The login of Computer & Contacts

    The credentials are, for security reasons, never stored. Every sane implementation of such mechanisms only stores a token. This token can become invalid for many reasons, for example if you run different versions of teamviewer or if you just updated. It could even be because your Internet connection changed.

    If you get that message very often, or it actually never logs in automatically, then we should look into it.

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  • I get this message every time I restart the computer. After logging in (manually), the computer shows as a "new" device, while the "old" instance stays in the offline computers list.

    I am using TV to remotely access my own laptop from a computer in a different location. I need to be able to connect w/o entering a password b/c there is no one at the other end to give me that password.

  • DanielStm
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    Please click the feedback button in the Linux client and attach logfiles. Refer to this thread.
    This way we can have a look at it.

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  • Has there been any progress on this? I submitted the logs as requested but haven't heard back.