Crashing With Multiple Remote Sessions

namos23 Posts: 4 ✭✭

I have a business license, using TeamViewer Remote, version on Windows 10. Ever since this past Friday or Saturday, trying to have multiple remote sessions open at the same time results in TeamViewer crashing - not just the GUI, but the Windows service also, as the icon completely disappears from the system tray and I need to totally relaunch the program. Or, the program will simply freeze up and go to "Not Responding" and needs to be forcibly closed, within 5-10 seconds of initiating the 2nd concurrent session. Having multiple sessions open has always worked perfectly fine in the past, until this past weekend. And there are no problems currently when I only do 1 session at a time. So I'm wondering if it's maybe a known issue related to a recent update. Anyone else experiencing this?


  • Neurus
    Neurus Posts: 1 Newbie

    Hi, i am experincing the same problem, constant crashed with multiple sesion, though it was my computer but in another notebook happens the same. Did you find any solution?


  • namos23
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    Support advised me to downgrade back to 15.49.2