hello, I would like to ask if I use teamviewer, will the ip be of the computer I am connected to or of the computer I am using


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    Hi @spyroslem,

    We are happy to have you in the TeamViewer Community!

    It is possible to run a LAN connection with TeamViewer,

    • for an outgoing connection, you will need the IP address of the partner device
    • for an incoming connection, you may share the IP address of your device

    How to check the IP address on TeamViewer?

    Simply go to TeamViewer ➜ GearWheel ➜ Network ➜ Incoming LAN connections ➜ Accept exclusively. This setting path will be the same on both partner and personal devices.

    I wonder if my answer helps you gain a better understanding of TeamViewer with IP. Keep me posted if you have time to test the IP.



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