Old mac with migration status "Outdated software" - what does this mean?

I have an elderly parent using an old mac OS (?catalina?) that I remotely assist via Teamviewer. Their HW is ancient so it won't run latest OS'. Currently I cannot connect to their system and their migration status shows as "Outdated software". I have confirmed they have internet access. Trying to diagnose why I not longer can connect. I can find no help on this status in TV documentation.

Helpful insights:

  1. What does this status mean?
  2. Would this status prevent me from initiating a remote desktop session?

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi @SilentSeven,

    Thank you for posting for the first time in our Community!

    About your first question, the "outdated software" status message means that your parent´s old mac OS have an old OS, as you mentioned Catalina.

    To answer your second question to initiate a remote desktop session with your parents you will have to install the right TeamViewer version for Catalina.

    Visit our download page to find our previous versions available, as shown in the image below:

    📌Note: Please take into account that a connection is possible from a recent version to a previous one only with a TeamViewer license.

    We hope that we did answer your questions and keep us posted if we could extend our help.

    Have a nice day!!


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