Inviting Participants failing with error not allowed

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We are on premium so this should work. When I try to add another tech to a session. This after having added his ID to "my computers" I get an error.

Sednding request to

You are not allowed to send a request to...

In the log:

2024/02/05 14:35:12.938 7352    7740 S0  CSendCommandToMaster::SendBCommandToMaster: CC=3 CT=71

2024/02/05 14:35:13.012 9424    9872 G1!! RecentlyContactedPartnersCache::ValidateProviderResponse: Response-Command has error: 2

2024/02/05 14:35:13.365 9424    9872 G1  SessionInvitationSender::ReceivedQuickJoinAnswer(): Received answer 3 from partner 1461693710.