Concurrent sessions v/s 15 Concurrent session(in tabs) per concurrent connection?

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Can someone please explain the difference between multiple concurrent sessions and 15 Concurrent sessions (in tabs) per concurrent connection?

  1. If I have 30 users, does it mean each user can access 15 different devices through different tabs? Totaling to 450 active sessions?
  2. Or, does each concurrent session support 15 individual tabs regardless of how many users access it? So, if I exceed 15 simultaneous tabs, I'll have to buy another channel or close existing ones.
  3. How does someone exhaust their active session who has 3 concurrent sessions?

Sorry for bombarding you guys with this. I can't wrap my head around what these 2 exactly mean.



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    Hello @Noel_138,

    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the TeamViewer community! I am happy to jump in here and help explain. (●'◡'●)

    I believe you are referring to the Corporate license, which comes with 3 concurrent connections. Concurrent connections refer to the number of individual users that can make an outgoing connection; 3 concurrent connections mean that 3 users could actively be connecting to other devices at any given time.

    Within each channel/connection, each user can have multiple sessions, or connections to individual devices. So in your scenario:

    1. Of the 30 users, at any given time 3 users could be actively making outgoing connections. Each of those users would be able to connect to up to 15 individual devices at the same time, via tabs.
    2. If one user were to attempt to connect to a 16th device, they would receive an error. It would not be possible to add more concurrent tab connections to a channel.
    3. If you need more than 3 users actively making connections at the same time, you would need to purchase additional channels/concurrent connections.

    You can also find more info about the Coporate License features here:

    📄 Corporate License - Feature overview

    I hope this helps! Our licensing teams are also more than happy to assist you in discussing your use case to find the best license for your teams. You can reach out below:

    Should you have any other questions, or feedback about the process/license information, please feel free to come back by!

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