Bad Wi-Fi connexion - TeamViewer is greedy, what can I do ?


I need some suggestions about internet connexion.

I am in another country for a month and I need to work with TeamViewer.

I only have a Wi-Fi connexion and it's not the best so I am disconnected, or got freezes and lag many times when I work on TeamViewer. It does the same on my iPad and my portable computer.

Do you have any suggestions to improve connexion ? I use the software in my computer but maybe the web client will be less greedy ? My Windows 11 is up to date, my computer is new with fresh installation.

I paid a licence for a year and I am a little disappointed to struggle with my work tool.

My husband also works remotely, but he uses the windows remote desktop and he never had a problem, disconnection or lag like me.

So I see that TeamViewer use more bandwith and I don't know how to fix that annoying problem.

Can you help please ?

Thank you.