How do I cancel my Individual subscription?

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I cannot open ticket. Teamviewer is not providing proper instruction to cancel the Individual Subscription. Eventho I am paying over [removed per Community Guidelines]for it, Teamviewer is calling this "FREE" subscription.... I need to cancel the subscription. Please help.


  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hi @Paul_123 ,

    Thanks for posting in our Community, and I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty in requesting cancelation.

    All cancelation requests must be sent via ticket. If you can't open a ticket, please call our support team for assistance. The local phone numbers you can find here.

    For more details about TeamViewer subscriptions please check the article:

    📄 All about subscription

    I hope it helps! 🍀

    Let us know how it goes, and if we can clarify any further questions.

    Best, Carol

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  • DungBui
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    It is too complicated to do a simple task. Put on a button to cancel the subscription. Every other company did that.