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TeamViewer keeps setting up over and over

I'm trying to use Teamviewer so I can fix problems on my (92 year old) mom's computer, remotely. I can't figure out how to make the TeamViewer program run on her computer. I've downloaded it (twice) and I've run the setup module (4 times) but I can't get it to just run instead of setting up again. When I do a finder search of her computer I find Teamviewer.dmg and TeamviewerQS.dmg (because I've also used QS--it's the only way I've been successful) but I want to be able to just have her click an icon to start running Teamviewer so that I can then access it using the password I set up (when I ran setup four times). The only icon I can find on her computer to drag to her dock is the double-headed arrow icon, but when I click that, it says it is an app to SET UP TeamViewer. So I set it up yet again, then it disappears, doesn't run, and I can't figure out how to make it run. The only TeamViewer program that shows when I search in her Applications folder is that blasted setup icon. How do I get an icon that will RUN the program now that it is set up (yet again)?


  • I should clarify that mom and I are both running MacBook Air computers with OS 10.