TeamViewer to stop creating automatic desktop shortcuts (Windows EXE)

brodie1600 Posts: 1

Please allow standard Windows users installing TeamViewer using the .EXE an option to disable automatically creating desktop shortcuts after software updates. Every time the TeamViewer Host or Full Client is auto-updated by the application, it creates a desktop shortcut. Users that do not want a shortcut of TeamViewer on their desktop must delete the shortcut every time the software updates. Please disable this feature, or at least give users an option to enable or disable automatically creating desktop shortcuts when the application is updated.

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  • GlenHawk
    GlenHawk Posts: 1

    YES! For the LOVE of GOD, PLEASE provide an option. Not only is it exceptionally arrogant to assume one's software is so important that it receive front row center seating on my desktop, it creates an impossible situation where other users may not have the privileges to delete All User desktop icons (leading to an unending sea of complaints) or where I do not WANT users to "explore" software that is there so serve a singular purpose.

  • WakestreamIT
    WakestreamIT Posts: 1

    How is this not a thing already??