"Win" key does not get transferred to remote machine

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Hi, My setup:

Local: Win10 x64, TV v.12.0.80984
Remote: Debian 9 (stretch) 64-bit, Gnome 3.22.2, TV v.12.0.76276 wine 1.6 (from debian repository)

Problem is, the windows key ("Super" in linux terms) does not get transferred to remote system. All other key combinations work (Alt-Tab, Alt-F4, etc), it's only Win key which does not work on remote PC, like it's never pressed (Super+N only prints n in text editor) Is this a TV limitation on Linux or some kind of wrong setup on my part? I don't want to remap key combinations on linux PC since I use it both remotely and locally


  • ChristianCay
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    Dear Andys,

    Thank you for your post.

    Let's do this first, may you please update your TeamViewer version to the latests ones?

    As today the latest versions are:

    • Windows v12.0.83369
    • Linux v12.0.85001 

    Let us know if the issue persists after updating your systems.

    If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


    Best regards,


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  • Andys
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    Hi, thanks for a hint but newer versions didn't fix the problem, still Windows key is not transferred. Though, in first place I wanted to know if this is a known linux problem or just my linux installation is broken somehow. If it's just my problem then I could experiment with different distros and settings
  • Andys
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    Got my answer after installing a physical Debian PC from scratch. Win key works so something is broken in my specific linux installation which prevents Win key from working. Possibly, this could be because it's a virtual VMWare machine so key hooks are somehow affected by vmware tools or virtual hardware
  • markjjordan
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    I've installed Linux Mint (latest as of today) and Ubuntu (latest as of a month ago), and both do NOT allow use of the Super key appropriately when going thru a TeamViewer session. Both environments are Hyper-V VM's, and both will allow the Super (ie. Window) key to do what it is supposed to do when access thru the Hyper-V terminal session.

    Linux Mint will exhibit the Menu when the Super/Window key is pressed on the keyboard thru the Hyper-V terminal session. Ubuntu will show a search menu.

    However, then accessing either of the environments via TeamViewer, neither will do anything when the Super/Window key is pressed on teh keyboard. 

    Would really love to see this working somehow, even if I need to map something manually.

  • Andys
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    Just installed latest debian 9.6 x64 yesterday, latest TV version etc.

    Problem still exist. Using xev, I managed to find out that Win key is redirected to remote system as Alt. Specifically - Win_L -> Alt_L and Win_R -> Alt_R.

    Maybe it's some quirk of gnome 3 shell? It couldn't be my config since I didn't change anything from default values yet.

  • lucasbrynte
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    I get the very same behavior, Super key is interpreted as alt key on the remote.

    Manjaro Linux, i3wm, teamviewer 13.0.9865

    Manjaro Linux, i3wm, teamviewer 13.2.13582

  • KhaimovMR
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    Same problem on Ubuntu 18.04 Win key translates on the remote Ubuntu machine into the Alt_L (xev helps to track it).

  • KhaimovMR
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    Very dissapointing issue - won't use teamviewer to connect to my linux machine because of it. Most of my control hotkeys are using the Windows/Super/Mod key.

  • Hcui
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    I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.2 and I observed the same issue. My win key gets mapped to Alt key, regardless of the desktop environment I'm use.

    Since I'm using Awesome desktop manager, not having the super key prohibits me using any shortcut.
  • joepio
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    My setup and problem is similar. My local client (MacBook macOS 10.14.3) running teamviewer (14.3, latest) seems to send "Option / Alt" keys instead of "Super / Multi" keys to my host (Ubuntu 18.04 x64 + teamviewer 14.3, latest).

  • Dusty2
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    I think the problem is related to Window 10.

    I have workstation running on Ubuntu 18.04 and 2 laptops (1 win 7 and the other win 10).

    From win7 to Ubuntu: the win key works great
    From win10 to Ubuntu: the win key is broken !!!!


  • SIAV
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    Still not working from latest Linux Mint 20.1, using TeamViewer 15.15.5 and connecting to a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.