Sorry, your trial license has expired.

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How can I get this back to free?


  • BHobbs
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    If you are using TeamViewer non-commercially, you will need to go to this FAQ to reset your account for Non-Commercial (free) use:

    If you are commercial, you will need a paid license here:

    If you are using TeamViewer as a non-profit organization, they offer ongoing discounts to the current list price, but a paid license is still required. If your organization falls into that category, you can apply for an individual Non-Profit Discount, here are requirements and the process:

    1) To be eligible: Their program is only for not-for-profit or non-profit organizations that use their earnings or donations to pursue specific objectives that keep your organization running. Your organization must further causes related to science, charity, education, literature, public safety, or cruelty prevention. Also, your organization must serve the public in some way, whether through goods, services, or a combination of both.

    If that describes your not-for-profit or non-profit organization, then fill out the application for Nonprofit Discount form on the TeamViewer Support page here:

    - Make sure to have all relevant information, including the organization’s registration number, readily available for a smooth application process.

    2) Share Your Story:

    - I know TeamViewer appreciates the work of non-profit organizations and encourages you to share your success story.

    - You’ll also want to use the application form to tell them how you’re using TeamViewer to become more efficient and productive.

    - It’s possible that your story might be featured on different TeamViewer channels, inspiring others to become part of the TeamViewer family.

  • jonhamsnow
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    I already did this and the same message now doesn't start anything anymore