TeamViewer for managing remote connections within my organization.


I've been utilizing TeamViewer for managing remote connections within my organization, and it's been quite effective. However, I've encountered a stumbling block with the email integration functionality. Despite configuring the settings as per the guidelines, I'm encountering several issues:

  1. Incomplete Ticket Creation: Some emails fail to convert into tickets, even though the integration seems properly set up. Is there a known reason behind this, or could there be some overlooked settings causing the problem?
  2. Mismatched Attachments: When emails are transformed into tickets, there are instances where attachments seem either mismatched or missing. This inconsistency is causing confusion and potential data loss. How can I ensure attachments are correctly synced with their respective tickets?
  3. Delayed Email Processing: There appears to be a lag in the processing of emails into tickets. I anticipate real-time ticket creation, but the current delay is noticeable. Is there a way to expedite this process or troubleshoot the underlying cause of the delay?

I've revisited the TeamViewer email integration settings multiple times, but the issues persist. I'd greatly appreciate insights, tips, or any troubleshooting steps the community might offer to help resolve these challenges. Have any of you encountered similar hurdles with TeamViewer's email integration, and if so, how did you tackle them?

Your expertise and guidance would be invaluable in overcoming this hurdle. Thank you in advance for your assistance!