Please Restore Reboot Button to Top Tool Bar

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Hi, The Reboot button has recently been removed from the top tool bar for some reason. I and others use this button many times a day and it is a pain to have to go through the menus to reach it. Please put it back, or or even better, allow users to choose which buttons to display on the top tool bar.


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  • Ebecpc
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    Yeah it's a joke that the most used button, has been replaced with the least used button, as normally you do not use the black screen

    as your showing people how to do something , so why would need it on the toolbar over the most used reboot button

    I've used TeamViewer since 8.5 Beta, never had problems until version 15 onwards,

    if my idea helps you out, please up vote it, I'm playing collect the badges for fun lol

  • douggriffin
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    Why did you remove the button? If you had a meeting and someone suggested, "what would annoy our users the most", this was the winner.

  • Dalgato
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    I think i can top what u just said, the orange box with the exit button is now the most annoying. but yes I used the reboot button too I hope they bring it back.

  • jd812
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    Remote reboot…probably the most used shortcut icon of all time. I've used teamviewer for many years and the remote reboot was always there in the forefront, which is exactly where it should be.

    I do use the Black screen for unattended sessions during business hours when working on workstations that are not in use so that other users don't get distracted watching me work, so I appreciate the shortcut.

    Rarely used are the File transfer and Remote update. Drag and drop has pretty much replaced the need for the file transfer UI and since updates happen automatically I haven't used the remote update functions in years…

    Please put the Reboot shortcut back.

  • jd812
    jd812 Posts: 4 ✭✭

    But we're not just "users"…We are customers. We are the customers that pay to use the software. Customers that paid to build the Teamviewer business into what it is. They should have asked us, the customers, what shortcuts we wanted…not decide for us, then when we complain, tell us it's better for us this way.

    Not everyone uses the software the same way, but I think we can all agree that we should be able to customize our UI to fit the way we use it. At the very least, we should be able to choose two or three shortcuts that we use the most to add to the ones that have been chosen for us.