Bank Holiday in UK, so why do i miss the reboot even now when no ones in the office, need custom bar

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Ok, So it's a bank holiday in Uk and I've been working as it's a good day to do extra work on the pcs i look after as no ones in the offices and the screens are already turned off to save wasting power

Once again this shows the reason,

why it's replacement with the black out button is so pointless to being a joke.

so why not have a custom drag and drop or tick box options in the drop-down windows tool bar,

so, we can customize the tabbed window bar are great but letting users pick what their want,

ok I'm basing this idea on how the Firefox toolbar works screen pic below-

only to shown as a idea type for the drag and drop and tick type

I've used TeamViewer since 8.5 Beta, never had problems until version 15 onwards,

if my idea helps you out, please up vote it, I'm playing collect the badges for fun lol

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