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How to remotely reset all HOST passwords?

Some questions around how to do this have been met with a 'solution' of manually updating the remote host passwords. I need a way to automate this in our login script or a policy without uninstalling TV, or re-applying the MSI. 

I have checked the registry and found the keys that store the passwords (below) but exporting those and applying to other PCs always fail!  Applying the reg file breaks the existing passwords, which is not surprising.

I also tried rebooting the PC immediately after applying the reg file so the Teamviewer service can take a fresh look at the settings, but still no good.TV_Registry_Password.jpg

How can this task be achieved? There must be a way to do this remotely???

I wondered if this Password option in the Console (below) might do the trick, but whatever I enter in this field never works. Can someone please explain where this Password field is used???




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