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This just happened to our org. TeamViewer 15 is gone and all we see is the TeamViewer Tensor desktop app. We were finally getting used to all of the TV UI changes over 2023 and into 2024 all the way up until last week. Then TV sales said Tensor would work better for our org needs. I am feeling completely embarrassed for not researching into this more before saying Yes to the approx. $250. more a year for this supposed upgrade package . So TV, I love your product and you can keep the $250. just please let this little org. roll back to the TeamViewer 15 . And anyone out there thinking about Tensor or Service Camp because sales says it will work great for you, Please research and hopefully you will run across this post. Regards, From a 4 year Team Viewer Premium - single user customer/org.


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    Hello @Bud-AZ,

    Thank you for posting your TeamViewer experience in the Community!

    We value the feedback about the TeamViewer Remote interface, and we would like to share more insights about TeamViewer Remote. Can you first confirm if you are using the TeamViewer Remote interface and tell us how you feel about it?

    At the same time, the TeamViewer Remote interface can be deployed with the TeamViewer policy. You may find more information in the Knowledge-based article - https://www.teamviewer.com/en/global/support/knowledge-base/teamviewer-tensor/company-device-and-user-management/control-the-user-interface/ . Please check if the policy has been rolled out with Enforcement and if you have the toggle on switching the interface. Toggle example as below:

    We are keen to know about your thoughts and feedback. Hope to hear from you about the feedback on TeamViewer Remote!



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