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Authy on Android OK, Authy on Chrome Never Works


I use Authy for two factor authentication. The android application always results in a six digit code that is accepted by TeamViewer. When I run the Authy plug-in on Chrome (Window 7, 64 bit) a six digit number is generated, but it is never accepted by TeamViewer. Is this something I can resolve, or do I need to find a different two factor authenticaion tool that will generate a working number from a PC?

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  • Reyhan
    Reyhan Posts: 270 Staff member 🤠

    Dear kc27,

    Thank you for your post.

    The security code is valid for only 30 seconds. Perhaps it is due to the date/time setting on your Android device. 

    Please make sure that "Automatic date and time" setting was set. 

    After that, could you please restart the authenticator-app.

    I hope this is helpful!



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  • kc27
    kc27 Posts: 2

    Hi - thanks for the response. I wasn't clear in stating my problem:

    Authy app on Android always generates a valid security code
    Authy plug-in for Chrome browser on Windows desktop never generates a valid security code

    How do I resolve the problem with the Authy plug-in in the Chrome browser? The PC's time settings are accurate.

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