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Two factor impossible to switch off

Surely it should be possible to turn off two factor authentication if you are still logged in?



  • ScottyScotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi tjfs,

    Thanks for posting.

    This can only be deactivated with a 2-factor code. Otherwise if the software is accidentally left open, it would be possible to remove @-FA, change the password and username all in one go therefore hijacking an account.

    Because of this, the code or recovery key is required to deactivate this.


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  • tjfstjfs Posts: 4
    I can see the thinking but there really should be a backup method as other sites have such as texting or emailing your address. I'm faced with having to move all my machines to a new address.
  • tjfstjfs Posts: 4
    "nearly all accounts that offer these superior 2FA options also use text-messaging as a required backup"

    Source: The Economist magazine
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