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I think TeamViewer breaks OS X

I've just installed TeamViewer on my gf's laptop to allow remote management when I'm away and she needs help. After setting up the remote access and connecting with my Windows laptop to her MacBook Pro 13 on local wifi, Mac OS displayed prompt for shutdown options (sleep, reset, shutdown, restore windows after reboot kind of dialog), didn't wait for my input and turned right off. When pressing the power button, it would play the Mac sound, but before doing anything, it would turn right off.

Eventually, I found out, that if I keep holding the power button, it will continue to login screen, which will lack any background picture, but will allow me to login while still holding the power button. Upon login, teamviewer would still be running, but realize the session has crashed long time ago and go back to standby mode. Only then I could release the power button and starts and restarts would start working well again.

If I turn the computer off properly, start it again and log in and run TeamViewer, the screen goes black and the device shuts down. The death cycle repeats - if I attempt to turn it on, it will play the sound and then die again. Only way how to fix it is to hold the power button, log in and kill team viewer while still holding the power button. This behavior can be reproduced any time.

I'm not sure if I did something wrong, or if this might be an issue with the way TeamViewer works.

Q: Does anyone have any idea what has caused this behavior?

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