Key combinations involving the win/super key doesn't work on Linux

I'm using TeamViewer 12.0.76279 wine-1.6 with a free license on an Arch Linux distro. I connect to it from a Nexus 6P running Android O 8.0.0 using TeamViewer app version 12.3.7343 CL.

All the key combinations I do that don't involve the win/super key work fine. The moment I try to involve the win/super key the combination fails and it is not sent properly to the remote machine. I noticed on the virtual keyboard in the android app that the win/super key is represented by the icon Apple uses on their keyboards for the cmd key. 

I've gone through all the options and configurations trying to see if there is one specifying what key is meant to be sent when this Apple cmd icon is pressed to no avail.

What can I do to start debugging this issue and eventually rich a fix?