Is there a fix for the black screen issue?


I only get a black screen on remote computer after connection.


  • woodengate
    woodengate Posts: 1
    The problem is related to a remote computer which has settings to turn off the display. This is a common setting for most teamviewer users. We are still waiting for the next update, and if the developers are looking to deeply, they might have walked past it. Workarounds have been to install previous versions of TeamViewer on both systems. You can also adjust settings on the remote system to not put the display to sleep. Having a live person near the remote computer who can "wake up" the display. (My wife has done this multiple times) Or, having any other way to wake up the display on the other system. For instance, one of the computers I connect to is on a local network with an older computer that I also can connect to. This machine is maxed out with an older version of TV that allows me to connect. I can then use that computer to connect through screen sharing tools on the local network, and "wake up" the display to the remote computer I actually want to connect to. I hope all of this helps, and makes sense.