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Disable "personal password" on distributed hosts

Is there a way I can deny users creating a personal password under "options - security"?

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  • Chiron
    Chiron Posts: 226 ✭✭

    You can protect all the options settings with a password.

    Options Password Prompt.png

    Options > Advanced > Scroll all the way to the bottom > enter password twice.

    Enter same password twice.Enter same password twice.

    I don't work for TeamViewer. I'm just a user.
  • I want to do this in a managed environment, for all our corporate computers. Not just a single device. I have not found a way to do this in the management console.

  • Hi,

    This really needs to be a policy setting. If a user sets this password you can no longer manage these devices. This makes the whole policy etc pointless. I am not on a domain and manage these machines. They are joined to azure AD so I cant set group policy. Can this be added as a policy setting so the option can be greyed out?


  • Nfoster
    Nfoster Posts: 53 ✭✭

    I feel your pain. We are purely Azure AD with our Windows 10 devices. We have had TeamViewer for almost a year now and have not found a solid solution to deploy TeamViewer with Intune MDM. This issue is that there are two parts to installing and assigning the Host to your TeamViewer account. Even with the new PowerShell Script extension in Intune we cannot successfully deploy TeamViewer.

    I have request on several occasions a single MSI installer, but nothing has been provided. This is the only produict that I have ever run into that has been so convoluted in not only getting it installed but locking it down so end users do not circumvent the product for personal use. In a perfect world this would not be an issue, but we live with users that just don't want to drink the Kool-Aid.

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