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Machine appears offline unless also connected via RDP

I have a 2 Channel TeamViewer License. Via RDP,  I installed TeamViewer on a Windows 2012 R2 Server. I set it up for unattended access. I also configured it to allow Windows Logon and start TeamViewer with Windows.  I then added it to My Computers on my desktop, which I plan to access the server from.

The problem is that the server appears offline unless I first connect to it with RDP, which defeats the whole purpose of having TeamViewer on it.

I've done this with other machines with no problems.  Any suggestions as to what settings I should look at?




  • NeilWeicher
    NeilWeicher Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I figured it out.  You cannot install TeamViewer via RDP to get Unattented Access.  I have not found any documentation that actually says that, but that is what I discovered.

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi NeilWeicher,

    I think you might be hitting one of the restrictions of TeamViewer in a server.

    When you install TeamViewer on a server, the software will assign the whole server an ID, then each user their own ID.

    However, Users are only activated in the OS when you connect via RDP, so before then the device will show as offline or display a black screen when connected.

    Can you open the "ABout TeamViewer section on this device? It will show a server ID and user ID. try connecting with the server ID.


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