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Only LAN Connections Possible

Yesterday I closed Teamviewer 11.  After restarting it I new get "Only Lan Connections Are Possible" even though I am connected to the internet.  I have a corperate license and it is working on other computers in my network.  I uninstalled it and reinstalled it with the same result.  Anyone else encounter this?


  • Yes I have had this issue since Tuesday. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling, doesn't fix the issue. It didn't start off by saying "Only LAN connections are possible". I started noticing the computers in my "Computers and Contacts" list would come online and go offline constantly . Now it only shows my ip, I can't log into computers and contacts, I can use teamviewer locally but not over the internet. And also now only shows "Only LAN connections are possible" . And yes, I am  definitely connected to the internet. TV version 11.0.80697

  •  The issue was solved by changing the setting in our firewall that was doing "Country Blocking".  Teamviewer must have started rerouting through different countries that our firewall blocked.  We just stopped checking for country of origin for the TeamViewer app and now it works.

  • I esperienced the same problem, reinstalling Teamviewer does'nt solve the problem.

    Login too isn't possible from the same computer: "Access request failed".
    From other computers all is working.

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