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FileTransfer - repeated problems with the "frozen queue"



Once again I stumbled upon the following problem.

I open file transfer.
I copy a dozen files to a remote host.
In the meantime, I'm starting to do something else locally.
After a few minutes I want to copy other files.
In the TV file manager, I can easily navigate through the directory structure, both remotely and locally.

I choose dozens of local files and use DRAG & DROP I transfer them in the TV file manager to a remote location.

A new task appears in the task queue ............

And nothing else, no progress.

I close the TV File Manager, restart this function, repeat the operation ... continue to zero effect.

I'm checking to see if the remote host responds (is responsive in an open session) eg I click on the windows start menu.
Everything seems OK but the file transfer does not move.

I close the connection (all session - not just file transfer), I re-establish connection and try again FileTransfer - this time it works.

Why, however, I still have repeated problems with the "frozen queue"

mLipok , AutoIt MVP
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