Personal vs Corporate Use

I've set up a corporate account for a small business. However I am running into a problem with Personal vs Corporate use. I have several personal computers that I use teamviewer to remote into regularly, however I also use them for work purposes to remote into other client computers when the need arises.

I understand I can add all of my computers to the coporate account, removing the personal one but that gives access to all of my employees that have admin access correct?

If it isn't already a feature  I would like some cohesion with personal and corporate accounts. It would seem simple enough to allow for a personal device subset that no one else in your company would have access to.


  • mLipok
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    You can use your corporate license as well premium license to login to your account and log out immediately after end of work.
    Look, I'm using premium licens on TeamViewer portable, also very rare but sometimes I'm using client PC TVInstallation to login to my TVAccount and then I'm using my license to login to clients.


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