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Automatically log off on session start

Hi Guys,

We are using a business license for teamviewer.
Most of the times when I login to a remote computer, the user logged on will be automatically logged of. 

I don't know if this is a setting, or some error.

Please help!

Thanks, Hans

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  • Raven
    Raven Posts: 23

    Do you mean logged-off, or machine-locked ?  As in ... during a TeamViewer session, if you bring down the top pane of buttons, and go actions > lock > there is an option called "lock on session end", which is enabled by default.

    This is obviously a security setting that works great on servers, but it can prove irritating to end-users because, if you are remote-accessing a colleague's workstation to fix a problem they are having, for them to have to unlock their terminal after you have finished your remote-access session is just ... unnecessary.

    The good news is that you can uncheck this box on a per-workstation basis, and TeamViewer will remember the setting being on/off for that given workstation the next time you access it.

    In this way you can enabled it for servers, and disable it for client workstations.

    Hope that helps =]

    - Raven
  • Hi Raven,

    Thank you for your reply. I actually mean locks the computer.
    When I start a remote session, the computer automatically locks. Not just once, even when the user logs in again, and I move my mouse again, the computer locks again. 

    Unfortunately this is not just with one computer, this is with most of them. 
    On client computers, I run TV12 host, while on my computer the full version is installed.

  • Raven
    Raven Posts: 23

    So ... again, sorry, just to clarify ... is this :-

    A) You remote a PC and you're ok, then you close your connection, re-connect and find it has locked; or

    B) You remote a PC and find it has locked literally as soon as you have taken remote control, and the end-user confirms that the machine was not locked before you arrived ?

    Because if it's B ?  Then that is really really weird ...

    - Raven
  • Hi Raven,

    No problem, ask me anything you want. You are helping me, not the other way around ;).

    It's actually B, I can see it unlocked when I log in, and it immediately locks as soon as I want to do something on the remote machine. When the user logs back in, and I try to do something on the remote machine again, it locks immediately again.

    I agree, it's really really weird... And I would add annoying to that ;).

  • @Giovanni

    That seemed to do the trick, thanks!

  • Giovanni
    Giovanni Posts: 49 Staff


    you're welcome. Glad to hear that I could help you.

    I wish to you a nice day and an excelent weekend.

    Take care,


    Senior Enterprise Solutions Engineer

  • Anita984
    Anita984 Posts: 1

    hi. I have licence bought all ready 2 comp connected with one in Poland, but one computer are logged off and wrote message are : that I need buy licence, maybe I didnt correct add comp to the licence? how to do this correct?

  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 855 Moderator

    Hi @Anita984,

    Can you kindly make sure sure that with either one side of the connection device has signed in your licensed account please.

    For further assistance, feel free to contact TeamViewer for individual support.



    Chinese Community Moderator
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