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Wake On Lane, dosent work ( first set up )


i want to setup WOL on my home pc so i can turn it on from my iPhone but something dont work..

and i belive i have set everything up currect..

btw. it dont with with Public and with local too.. can someone help me please.


  • Raven
    Raven Posts: 23

    Have you followed the steps in the TeamViewer guide ?

    One important thing to note with the Wake on LAN functionality is that it *does not* work on every device.  There are a number of pre-requisites that a system must comply with, in order to support the Wake on LAN functionality, including motherboard compatibility, power settings for the ethernet card, authorised IP addresses and so on, but the major one that is likely to be a stumbling block is hardware on your motherboard not supporting the Wake on LAN functionality.

    I've been having the same problem myself =[

    - Raven
  • Hello Raven

    yeah i have followed all the steps but it not work.. 

    well my motherboad support wol and i have turned it on, but still not working

  • Raven
    Raven Posts: 23

    What would be super helpful, if anybody from the TeamViewer staff is reading this chain, would be if you (TeamViewer) could create some kind of reporting routine that traces what the problem is with the Wake on LAN function, and advises the user accordingly.  Presumably there is some way of doing that within the product, e.g. Wake on LAN is configured correctly for this client within TeamViewer, but when a magic packet was sent, no response was received from the NIC.  This could indicate the NIC is not configured to accept Wake on LAN magic packets, or that the motherboard is incompatible (at a basic level - feel free to make it more elaborate if you can !!).

    Also, do magic packets have any bearing on Wake on LAN functionality ?  Because it's an additional checkbox that I enabled on my work PC because it was enabled in the image within the guide ?  I understand magic packets, but I don't see anything in the support docs to confirm whether TeamViewer needs a magic packet to wake up or not.

    - Raven
  • can someone help please ?