How to stabilize password?

 I work at home for a non-for profit with the PC Owner working in the central office. It seems that both the owner and me as athe remote user are constantly being assigned new passwords (daily??). I have asked and was granted Unattended Access/Granted Easy Access but the constant password change is an issue (owner frequently off site). It seems that I have to know this floating password before I can gain access for the day. Is there a way for the PC owner to set a fixed password (that they she can change at HER  descretion). Can I do the same?  This platform doesn't really work for me unless we can control password setup.


  • I was able to stabalize the passwords across my enterprise by exporting a registry key once I had the settings where I like them, and importing these keys is now part of my installation script;  so all user end machines have the same password, but, because of the key, I am rarley prompted unless an installation went wrong;  I learned how to do this in the Implementation documentation.  I hope this helps!

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    The password on the front of the software is random, it is not meant for unattended access, only for access when someone is there. This changes intentionally.

    You are prompted to set a permanent password on install, if you did not set one or do not remember it you can set or change this in the options under "Security" > "Personal Password"

    Just set the password by typing your required password twice.


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    I am having trouble setting up a constant password.

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    also can you have a constant password with a free acct.?