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How do I monitor remote session activity for access granted by me?

We use TeamViewer to our 3rd party vendors to provide remote server access for a specific purpose as and when required.

 As a security requirement, it is needed to monitor the activities being done by the vendor as part of these remote sessions. We evaluated the 2 options below & our observation is listed below: -

1. Using the TeamViewer logs – these logs give no clue as to what activity the vendor is doing in the session, at least we are unable to decipher the logs. E.g. – opening a word file document is not listed anywhere in the logs though we had done that as the activity during our test session

2. Using the Session Recorder – the recording is initiated only if the connecting terminal has this option enabled, which means we will have to depend on the vendor to enable this setting whenever he connects. Also, for sessions which are prolonged, the video files generated will be huge in size

 Would like to know recommendations on how to approach this in light of the above.

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