Check and Track Incoming Log and IP Details

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Just few days ago some one enterted my computer through teamviewer and stole my important document. I got shocked that some one connected to my computer just 2 days before while i was also using computer same time. Unfurtunately i did not get see the username of incomming user coz he disconnected instantly when he knows im also using computer on that time. 

Mostly my computer is running  20-24hr for internal server usage, So i need kind support to track and check that unknown incomming user details. How to do that. Plz suggest me.


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    For those who are having this problem make sure you have updated the default 6 character key to something stronger.  Someone entered my computer through teamviewer and I have a theory that scammers are pinging the id until they get a hit.  For those of us who never shutdown our computers the default 6 character password never resets so the scammers can just ping away until one day they get through. 

    Teamviewer allows a rotating very secure password of 10 characters, I'd suggest perhaps entering your own very strong 14+ charatcter password.  6 character passwords don't take all that long to break, in my opinion the 6 should not be the default minimum, it should 10 at least. 

    I have learned a ton since getting hacked and I think I'm onto something...

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    Is there a log thats shows out going sessions ?

  • I second this. Tonight I noticed that my mouse was moving on my PC. I was in bed when the light came on. I leave my computer on and Teamviewer running too. I changed my settings to the 10 characters. I have 2 factor enabled too so I was surprised anyone can get in. Teamviewer needs to address this.
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    fRED-PC	06-09-2017 03:08:59	06-09-2017 03:52:04	Ana	RemoteControl	{B2C8C288-9D49-49B7-98E3-76AAE1E39B0B}	
    FRED-PC 11-09-2017 02:23:39 11-09-2017 02:29:40 Ana RemoteControl {308F3179-4022-4120-96AA-8A67CFF0BF47}
    FRED-PC 20-09-2017 02:28:33 20-09-2017 03:00:17 Ana RemoteControl {525F9E84-BB34-4A5F-9A0A-D041425FD106}
    FRED-PC 20-01-2018 17:16:06 20-01-2018 17:25:34 Ana RemoteControl {87AFBC6C-BFC9-4D74-8577-23FA01499E1F}
    FRED-PC 10-03-2018 03:37:00 10-03-2018 03:46:50 Ana RemoteControl {EE64AABB-0057-4B6D-8154-697C0ECE2BE9}
    FRED-PC 20-04-2018 17:54:56 20-04-2018 18:49:12 Ana RemoteControl {0B5A22A1-13D7-46AD-AB66-7843D347C4B4}

     Can you guys help me please. the times such as 3 and 3:46 means that someone remotely connected with me at 3:00 am without my knowledge..also what does the codes in the last coloumn represent?


  • Quick question here.

    How did you get to the log file?

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    I have the same query, where can we use the codes in the last column of the incoming logs on our investigation
  • This log stores only the established connections.

    Where can I see the trials? Who try to connect to my PC?