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iOS11 and Windows Login


Since updating my iOS devices to version 11.0.2, I'm not able to login to my Windows machine anymore.

Here's what I've monitored so far:

  • After connecting successfully to my Windows machine, I enter my passwort. Windows says "wrong password". This happens both on my iPhone 6s and my iPad Air2.
  • Login works perfect on other iOS devices still runing iOS10 and when using another PC with TV12.
  • After connecting and login via PC I also connected via iPad. Now I entered the password in a text editor, first on the PC then on the iPad. I compared the ASCII codes: both passwords are identical.
  • Login also works when entering the password via Windows onscreen touch keyboard while connecting with an iOS device running iOS11.
  • I also tried entering the password in the username textbox to see the characters, but again, the password looks fine.

Additional infos:

  • Windows and iOS devices are running german keyboard layout.
  • Password (of course ;-) ) contains special characters.
  • When you connect via iOS, the Windows language option doesn't accidentally switch. To asure that, I also switched back and forth manually.

I don't know what's wrong, but it clearly seems to be a bug regarding TV under iOS11.

Any ideas?


  • Is there no solution to this?

    I have exactly the same problem, iPhone and iPad Pro won’t login as it says the windows password is incorrect when I know it has been entered correctly?

    Works fine on other devices but this renders the app useless.
  • I'm currently in touch with the TeamViewer support and they're analyzing the problem.

    What I was able to discover so far, is that (at least in my case) it's not working because my password contains double quotes.

  • Interesting, my password also has “ in it, I guess I’ll just change my password for now as a workaround!

    Thanks for the info.