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TeamViewer Host Raspberry Pi 3 no connection

I have install teamviewer host on pi 3 but it'do'nt start.

I'am on debian Jessie.

I've do another test on debian stecth, teamveiwer start but no connection...

What can i do?

What is the best debian to install Tamviewer host?



  • Dams
    Dams Posts: 2

    is a license required to use it?

    My teamviewer is open on my raspi 3 on debian stretch.

    It's not ready and with no connection

    When i do in console mode sudo teamviewer setup, there is a connection.

    After a time the connection is lost

    What can i do?



  • I have the same problem with strech. It starts, is ready but it doesn't connect.
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