Chrome OS: Esc key exits fullscreen mode

vanceism7 Posts: 2 ✭✭

Not sure if this is something that can be fixed on teamviewers side or if this is just a chrome issue, but, when using chrome os to connect to a windows box in fullscreen mode, if you press the esc key, chrome will exit fullscreen mode.

Not sure if there's a more appropriate place to submit bugs so I'm just posting this here. I've resorted to using a windows keymapper to map a different key to esc as a workaround 



  • FunKing
    FunKing Posts: 1

    Unfortunately, this behavior makes TeamViewer almost useless for some applications where the Escape key is used constantly... They could at least have a configuration option to toggle it.

  • burgerga
    burgerga Posts: 1

    Like Vim, in which you use Esc A LOT :(

  • carehart
    carehart Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Still a problem, 3 years on. And very frustrating, for those who are keyboard- vs mouse-driven. :-(

  • stoddart
    stoddart Posts: 1

    Its now 2023 - another 3 years on and this is still a problem and I'll bet its not that hard to fix, but ohhh well....maybe give it another 3 more years and see if it fixed then ... lol