Heavy CPU load on TeamViewer host

I'm having problems with heavy CPU load on some PC - i.e. right after reboot it already takes 40-50%, and continues that way.


According to other posts, this could be related to hardware accelleration, as described in this topic: "High CPU usage on remote side of TeamViewer Connection"

However, this post has a note : "Note: These instructions only apply to Windows 8.x and older. Windows 10 does not provide the ability to disable hardware acceleration this way."

Then the question is, what can be done on a Windows 10 (1703) and TeamViewer 12.0.83369 to remedy?




  • 2018-02-02

    Windows 10 Pro x86_64 v.1709, TeamViewer 12, v.12.0.90922 (Dec 18 2017 16:54) оn Lenovo W540, resolution of the remote screen 1920x1080. After set of connection with this remote computer loading of CPU increases with 2. 3% to 27... 38%.


    CPU is heated to 70. 80C as constantly works at high frequency...  Loads its process with the name TeamViewer_desktop.exe.


    After closing of a remote session - load of CPU falls to 2. 3%.

    The display driver v. от 01.02.2017 from TeamViewer GmbH is not installed - as it is signed not with the legal signature according to Microsoft.


    I reduced resolution of the remote screen, - the tendency to CPU loading reduction is traced. At display resolution to 800x600 - loading of CPU does not exceed 4. 7% fully it is not convenient to work at the same time at all. The appeal to technical support to anything did not bring - they give thanks and just are silent.


  • Berns
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    I notice this on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Teamviewer Host 13.11548.

    If the small panel on the right side of the screen is opened, I have a idle CPU load of 2%. When i close/minimize this panel with the arrow button, the CPU load is 50%.

  • Hi,

    I use a Dell Latitude 5490 with Windows 10 Pro.
    I have the same problem of control on remote host and distant screen still activ while the deactivate options are checked.

    Here is the result of my research.
    The TeamViewer monitor driver usage seems to be forbiden by the Secure Boot BIOS parameter :
    - with Secure Boot OFF, TV monitor driver driver is used but does not work (control on remote host and distant screen still activ)
    - with Secure Boot ON, the driver cannot be used. TV prompts for driver install but it fails (when it actually already installed).
    Of course, having Secure Boot ON is strongly advised.

    Secure Boot prevents also the Windows signature check deactivation.
    To make it short :
    With Secure Boot OFF (see the BIOS)
    Windows prompt with admin rights
    Deactivate driver signature check > bcdedit /set nointegritychecks ON
    (Re)activate driver signature check > bcdedit /set nointegritychecks OFF
    See full doc on https://docs.microsoft.com/fr-fr/windows-hardware/drivers/devtest/bcdedit--set).

    Well, the only solution I see is TV updating and signing the monitor driver.

    Best regards,