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Cross platform ?


I would like to take remote control a Mac. I have a PC under Windows 10. Is it possible? Excuse my English I am French.

Thank you.


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  • thank you !

  • Problem accessing Filemaker app from HP Spectre Win 10.  The FM app is on a macOS 10.13.3.  Is there a support page that shows supported OS compatability?

    Remote control from my iPad (IOS 11.2.6) works fine.

    Description of issue.

    Calendar fields configured with an icon to show/hide the calendar. Click icon produces erratic results. Usually just selects the field as if I had clicked in the field and does not display the calendar. Occasionally, clicking the icon will cause the drop-down calendar to appear momentarily only. I’m able to enter keystrokes in the date field as designed.

  • I'm not sure what has changed but I'm no longer seeing this problem.  I did file a report with Teamviewer so perhaps something was changed.  I have been using TV 13 for about a month and have consistently without exception had the issue I reported.  Go figure.  Seems to be no longer an issue.

    Thanks to any of you who spend any time thinking about this.


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