Teamviewer wont close

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i try the force quit app on my mac to no avail.  makes me very nervous.  why is it still open months after the session?


  • iainwels
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    Hello fritz,

    How do you mean your teamviewer stays open? Could you describe it more? Are you still having a connection with another PC? Does it start up everytime you startup your PC? Does it run in the background when you force quit it? Does the teamviewer icon stay onn your taskbar or in the icon bar? Do you have a screenshot of some sort?

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  • freelancer
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    In my case, I finished a connection to another PC, but the TeamViewer initial window (the one where you start a remote session) just won't close.  I have to kill it via Task Manager.

  • jimedenfield859

    It is running in Activity monitor and in task bar... i click on force quit to no avail.

  • djatsoris26
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    Having the exact same issue. I force quit TeamViewer, and it opens right back up. Currently trying to change that in system preferences but, worse case scenario, we might have to uninstall TeamViewer and install something like **Third Party Product**.

  • CaptainK
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    What is the fix. Same Issue 6/23/2022. Very recent install to Teamviewer. Only solution is the kill the Teamviewer.exe using the task manager. Why is this not able to close? It does not need to keep calling in the background when not in use. All sessions are closed and this will not exit. I am going to also set the service on MANUAL....that did the trick....:>

  • JBBarn
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    I have a similar issue. I can't close teamviewer with the X control button in the top right corner of the app. It also ignores the close option when right clicking the taskbar icon. I have to end the task in task manager.

    I'm running win 11 pro OS Build 22621.2506.

    Teamviewer is version 12.47.3 (64 bit) License: Corporate