Slow on Linux 16.04

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My connection was lightning fast until I loaded a driver for a wireless usb device (netis 1206)  install went very well and connected to my LAN.  But after the connection, the response slowed to the point of being unuseable. the menu windows fade out before I can take action.  this slowness persists even when I remove the wireless usb adaptor and force the use of the hard laine ethernet connection.  any Ideas?


Addition:  Just noticed that when I first connect via teamveiwer, the wine windows programloader shows on the top bar.  Had not noticed this before.  Also, have two installitions of teamview12 showing.  I had a lot of troubles getting teamveiwer working and did attempt to load it through wine, but it never worked.  Just uninstalled wine and restarting.

 No Joy.  Still very slow.  So slow it is very hard to acess menus to trouble shoot.  If anyone has suggestions I will probably have to work through the terminal as the menus fade away before I can select.

 getting more interesting.  If I hook up a local monitor to the remote box, the slowness goes away and it's zippy again.


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    Dear B2I,

    Thank you for your post.

    Yes, you get the point. Headless systems might suffer this issue.

    TeamViewer grabs video directly from the video card. If the video card doesn't a monitor connected.

    It will get in a mode that has a small resolution or very slow performance.

    What we recommend you use a dummy adapter to keep the computer headless.

    That will get your device to be in an acceptable performance.

    If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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    Got a couple of dummy plugs on order from the big A.  I've presently have 3 windows boxes running headless and never had a problem.  Whats more interesting, the Linux box ran fine until I loaded a wireless driver for a usb lan adapter.

    Is there a chance my windows computors will suddenly go kauput?


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    Hi, Christin:

    I met this problem as well. Any solutions that change the ubuntu 16 system display performance setting to help fix it?